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Diana Trondsen of FranNet is an asset to Right Management. I just happened to attend the seminar on franchising that Diana hosted and I wish I had heard this emphasized as an option at the beginning of my membership during the orientation. Until I worked with Diana, I did not know that franchising opened so many opportunities to own a business.

Diana was with us every step of the way. She did an excellent assessment of our business skills as well as our likes and dislikes. Very specific expectations of the process, structure and timing were established by Diana. Her presentation of franchise options was well thought out based on this assessment and her interview of us. Diana immediately started weekly check-in calls that were very beneficial to the process. Diana provided outstanding independent guidance and support for us to narrow the choices down to three. Then she skillfully and carefully directed us through the due diligence steps. The selection was very difficult as all three franchise options are each an excellent match. She remains in contact with us even after the choice was made and continues to advise us. Without Diana’s coaching and expertise, we would have struggled through the process and probably given up.”



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“After being laid off from a company I had been with for over 25 years, I was very concerned about my future. I was very blessed that the company I previously worked for set me up in a program with Right Management. I aggressively dug into all the information and tools they had to offer; that were all very helpful.

About a month into the program, I was made aware of a presentation that was going to be held on franchising. Always wanting to be my own boss and not having any knowledge of how a franchise worked, I signed up for it. This is when I met Diana Trondsen, who was the speaker and instructor for the franchise seminar. I was very impressed with the presentation and filled with new knowledge and understanding of what franchises where about.

After the seminar, I decided to set up an appointment with FranNet to further discuss options and if it was truly an option for me. Diana and I conducted our first meeting where she created a detailed list of franchises that suited my skill sets and continuously worked with me until I identified a franchise I wanted to own.

Throughout the entire process, Diana was always available to answer a question; and, to this day, she is only a phone call away, always willing to answer any questions I may have.

In all my years dealing with people of many levels in the business world, Diana definitely outshines them all. Diana did an amazing job representing Right Management and I am very blessed to have met her and to be a part of the program at Right Management. Thank you.”




“Diana worked with me as a franchise broker when I was exploring the opportunity to get into business for myself. I highly recommend her. Diana is professional, personable and helpful. She is an expert in her field and she has personal experience as a franchisee. She did a great job of coaching me through the exploratory stages of finding the right franchise to ensure that it fit my personality”




“Nine years ago, during a layoff in the Detroit area, I had an opportunity to move to Houston to work for a Pneumatic Conveying equipment manufacturer. At that point in my life, my biggest question and concern with moving was: What would I do for the remainder of my career if something happened to my position in the Houston area? Last fall my concern came to fruition. If it wasn’t for Diana and Frannet, I may have had to leave my daughter and her family here and move back to Detroit. On March 14, 2017; I decided to accept the “Pinch A Penny” franchise that was awarded to me and to open my own retail store. Throughout this endeavor, I have heard nothing but good things about Diana and the quality of people that she presents to the franchises, and I cannot agree more. Her presentation, assessments, processes, and guidance has given me the confidence to leave the corporate world. This business opportunity allows me to control my own destiny, to build a life of my own and most importantly, to become an employer in our region. “